Saturday, 25 March 2017

local sighting

yesterday the willow Tit was singing again on the cyle path below my house in Trecyon and second time this year and show still present in some places in the valley .Last night coming home from a concert i spotted moving on the road at the top  of my street and i pulled over quick and there was a Hedgehog walking along the road  and it disppeared down a lane and a first for the year  and i only so one last year and hope this his going to be the start  of it and i see a couple more and it was my daughter first  live hedgehog and sad to think how common they were when we were kids .


  1. They are still fairly common Mart. I come across the droppings in the gardens of quite a few of my clients.

  2. What willow tit and what lense do you use .

  3. you said you find willow tit dropping in peoples gardens and i said what lense do you use .