Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Brazil another quick update

Just a few more lines about the last few days, some great forest birding and two outstanding boat trips.  Lots of endemics and hard to see birds and colours from right across the spectrum.
A selection of some of the best include Scarlet Macaw, Nacunda Nighthawk, Ladder Tailed Nighthawk, Oriole Blackbird, Hoatzin, Large Billed Woodcreeper, Black Tailed Trogon, Crane Hawk, Red Throated Carcara, Black Crested Antshrike plus loads of Parrots and stunnig Woodpeckers.
Today however was absolutely unbelievable, we walked onto a trail and first two birds seen were a Blue Crownd Motmot and a Lined Forest Falcon an extremely difficult family of birds to see. Another very difficult one followed in Tawny Throated Leaftosser and on a normal day a contender for bird of the day a Paradise Tanager. Marial Guan was next up followed by a 4 month old Harpy Eagle Juvenile which I swear was bigger than some members of this blog.
Later on we went to this small holding which had a very small fruiting tree which produced possibly my best bird sighting ever an incredibly beautiful male Pompadour Cotinga. Soon after it was joined by a male Purple Breasted Cotingha whereby Mike offered those immortal words " look at the f-- king colours on that" whilst standing next to the only woman on the trip. These were then joined by another stunner and lifer in Green Arcari but this was overwhelmed by the two Cotinghas looks.


  1. Corrrrrr some great birds and more Harpys and i am stumped to know which blog member pmsl

  2. you can talk the birder out of Merthyr but you can't take Merthyr out of the birder...
    Those Harpy's are really are big b.... birds.

  3. Any snakes yet phil or big cats

  4. No snakes or big cats although we had an ocelot paw print. 4 species of monkey so far

  5. you must be gutted no snake mate and if you are counting a paw print of a ocelot and i am counting the wild boar in the forest of dean pmsl.