Saturday, 18 July 2015

Moth Trap wednesday night

 my first Swallow Tailed Moth of the year and a grey Arches in the trap and a Pebble prominent was a great surprise and a bit worn but a cracker.I  also got a tripple spotted clay and found this Tree Bumble Bee resting on a leaf .when i was over the field also found this Dock Bug which was a nice bit of colour and great too see.

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  1. Nice Swallowtail. I haven't had one of those yet this year. I trapped on Mynydd Aberdar on Thursday night, as the weather was so mild, with rain not forecast to arrive until around three. Moths certainly came, but it soon became a bit too breezy and just after midnight, the rain arrived, forcing and early and somewhat soggy end to my session. The only compensation was a brace of Scarce Silver Y's. I aught to have gone out last night as it was mild, but the forecast showed rain arriving just after midnight again, so I chickened out, only for the rain to actually arrive at three.