Friday, 10 July 2015

Mint Leaf Beetle

 I found this Beetle last year in Penywaun and took some shots of it with my phone and  they were pretty bad and when i was there yesterday i noticed they were back and loads of them and i asked my customer if ok that i come back with my camera and take some shots and he said take all the shots you need and made me a  cup tea .This is the only place in the valley i seen them and would interested too know if anybody else has seen them and i also seen garden Chafars this week and not seen them in  the valley before .

1 comment:

  1. It's a nice looking thing, Martin. I can't say I have seen them on garden mint, though I have a dim recollection of seeing the odd one or two on water mint somewhere. The beetle I have seen on mint in one or two gardens is the Green Tortoise Beetle. They are very difficult to spot.
    As for Garden Chaffer,I have seen more of them this year than ever. They often hatch out and emerge in a swarm from the same lawn and I have seen that once or twice.