Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Damp walk

 I went for a walk over Robertstown yesterday and it was raining and there a shock and I found this small Chafer and found out later it was a Welsh Chafer, a new beetle for me . I also found this Grypocoris Stysi, a very colourful bug and one I see fairly regular when working. I also found this small Soldier Beetle and I'm looking to see which species it is.

 I found a small Bee and have no idea which one, so open to offers as to which.

 The Teasel are out and are looking real good at the moment and look almost alien ,
 Last one, this year there seems to be Ringlet's everwhere and I dont remember seeing so many in the past and it seems happy in the rain and maybe it should be called rainlet.

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