Monday, 13 July 2015

Pyramidal Orchids

A  quick  walk yesterday to check on the pyramidal Orchids and do a count and i found big numbers and counted them three times and different counts everytime and a young lady passing by with a dog felt sorry and help me count  them again and got 114 orchids and both happy with count and she was pleased to see them . I also found a bug on one orchid and was told it,s a Calocoris Roseomaculatus and common name is Rose Spotted plant bug and a bit easier to remember .i also found one orchid about half mile from the many site so could be spreading in time.I also found this clicking beetle and alway nice to find and see them click.There was a small  flock common crossbills flying over and there was 8 in the party .There was a couple of dragonflies up there and had first Southern hawker of the year and a nice female Broad bodied chaser and a couple blue tailed Damselflys and loads of ringlet butterflies and Meadow Brown and both skippers small and large and a single Painted Lady .

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