Friday, 10 July 2015

Penmoelallt: Life in the Freezer!

On Thursday night, I joined Jake and Mike Powell for a moth trapping session, near the outdoor classroom, at Penmoelallt. A cloudy, mild evening had been forecast and although clear when we got there, we hoped that the cloud would roll in from somewhere. It didn't and the temperatures plunged from 11.4 C when we started, at 22:00 to a dew soaked 7.8 C by the time we knocked off at 01:30.
Despite the chilly conditions, we had a successful night, with around 90 species recorded between three traps. The highlight was undoubtedly a Cloaked Pug, which was the first for Breconshire (VC42).

Coincidentally, I was also with Jake and Mike when they trapped the first and only Cloaked Pug in Glamorgan, just above Cefnpennar, in 1998: remember that Martin?

Sometime after 01:00, while Mike and I were looking at my trap, we heard an Oystercatcher calling as it flew over us, unseen.


  1. yesi do mark and remember jake was bouncing over it

  2. He couldn't bounce too much this time, as he had just had an operation on his ankle and was on crutches. Norman Lowe, the recorder for VC42, was probably doing the bouncing.

  3. Yes i bet he was mark and a great find and hope jake is gettting well as he was on crutches for the cuckoo too .