Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cwm Cadlan Reserve

Back at the reserve on Sunday in the rain and I remembered me and Phil had found lots of caterpillars a couple of weeks earlier so I thought I would see if they had grown any bigger. I found they were just coming out and were everywhere, there were Ermine Caterpillar and Bird Cherry Ermine and it was a amazing sight as they were all over the tree and were trying to drying out. When I looked later on they were all over the floor and were dropping like snow and lots of birds were making the most of the feast.

I checked the pond as the rain stopped and the sun was coming out but the the pond was dead and no sign of any Dragonflies or Damselflies. When I started to walk back I found two male Keeled Skimmer which was a nice surprise and a first for the year and great too see as I did not see any here last year. When I got to the stream there was Beautiful Demoiselles along the stream and it was a pleasure to watch them flying around.

There were lots of Butterflies out but sadly the same four types which were both Skippers, Ringlet and Meadow Brown. It was only when it was starting too warm up I had a single Small Tortoiseshell and a Small White .
The birds were pretty busy with loads of young Wheatears on top also Redstarts. I checked on a pair of Whinchat that myself and Phil found before and they were still there. I also found this party of young Wrens. Also it was nice see the Peregrines over head. It shows that when sitting in the car and the rain is hitting the windows it would have been too easy to just go back home and forget the walk so really glad I did not .

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