Thursday, 2 July 2015

Highlights of the week

On Tuesday night I went up to Abernant and walked along the line towards Llwydcoed and went into a pinewood below the tip. I was just looking what was new, I found Broad Leaved Hellobrine, I started counting them and was amazed by how many were in there I found 85 plants. They seemed to be just coming up so there must be more. It seems this plant likes the Abernant area as I found more there than any where else. I found two male Broad Bodied Chaser fighting it out over a perch, they showed real well .

Back to the field and there are 5 Spot Burnets everywhere, I found a couple just coming out, it like a scene from Aliens. Back to the moths I was very pleased to see my first Green Sliver Lines of the year and this small moth which I have not seen before and have no idea what it is .

 I have been told this is Yellow Tort is Agapeta Hamaa and new for me as well .
Last one when working yesterday I spotted this woolly bear caterpillar climbing up someones fence and thought corrrrr and potted it quickly, photographed it later and let it go on his way. I saw them everywhere then. They were great to see and cannot not wait to see the adult now which will be Garden Tiger what a cracking moth .


  1. The mystery, brown micro is a Pyralid: Anania crocealis.

  2. Cheers lads and still more for us too find