Monday, 30 May 2016

Bryn du take two

I went back up this afternoon to walk the dogs and found two Small Blues in the same area as yesterday. I was ready this time with my camera and took a couple of shots and also got this Broad Bodied Chaser on the sun slopes. Also found a couple of orchids in flower and saw there were no spots on the leaves and was wondering if they are something different. I also found this Thistle and was wondering if it got weed killer on it or that virus.


  1. Orchid - Southern Marsh Orchid - there are a few out at the moment.
    Hoverfly - Sericomyia lappona - nice
    Thistle - an offspring from your partial white one from last year?

  2. Sorry. I was also going to say that your golden thistle is a different species. It looks like Creeping Thistle, rather than Spear Thistle

  3. It was lower down to and more near the small blue