Sunday, 8 May 2016

Spring has arrived

With the warming weather, life seems to be bursting forth. On Friday evening I picked up my first Slow Worm of the year as well as my first Garden Warbler. Another Garden Warbler picked up yesterday at Crymlyn Burrows, along with my first Common Blue and Small Copper.
WeBS this morning was quite poor, with only 39 birds logged - I think my lowest ever count. A brief interlude between the rain produced my first Spotted Flycatcher and two calling Cuckoo's. Unlike Martin's Dippers mine look to still be in the nest.

Decided to head down to Kenfig to check out the Pluvialis Plover causing much debate. Whilst it was about, I managed to dip on it twice. I did meet up with Mr Hill, fresh from his trip to Panama, where contrary to certain rumours he was just sorting out his tax affairs!
A wander round Kenfig did produce a few good year ticks for my pan species list. Early Marsh, Early Purple (by the 1000's) and Green-winged Orchids, Small Blue butterfly, Yellow Belle and Water Carpet, Common Lizard and Grass Snake. Its amazing just how varied the Early Purple Orchids are - 3 very different forms are below.

                                              Water Carpet
                                                     Early Marsh Orchid
                                                      Early Purple Orchid
                                                     Early Purple Orchid
                                                     Early Purple Orchid
                                                     Green-winged Orchid
And finally, A mating pair of Dagger Flies, probably Empis tessellata, whilst she devours a St Mark's Fly Bibio marci.


  1. Great shots martin and i so the early purple and so dwarfed Green winged orchids and let me know waht date you are going for fen orchids.

  2. currently looking at the last wednesday in June for that little trip, though might have to put it back a couple of weeks.