Sunday, 29 May 2016

There be dragons..

A second attempt for the Club-tailed Dragonfly and White-legged Danselfly up at Monmouth proved far mor succesfull. almost straight away on arriving I had my first Banded Demoiselle - two weeks ago the were no Odonta - quickly became several and soon became many. Whilst always nice to see, it was the two rarer spp that I was after and a soon came across a teneral female White-legged Danselfly. I eventually found 7 White-legged - all female. The Club-tailed was no where to be found, though two exuvia showed that they were around somewhere.
Eventually I flushed a dragonfly from the grass. My heart said Club-tail but my head said make sure. I followed the dragon to its resting place about 10 foot up in an Elder bush. I could just make out the abdomen and it was black with yellow wedges underneath. Yes, a female Club-tail.
Job done I made my way back to the car, picking up another couple of tick's in the form of a 10 spot ladybird and the longhorm beetle, Stenocorus meridianus.

                                          Banded Demoiselle
                                          White-legged Danselfly

                                           Club-tailed Dragonfly exuvia
                                          Stenocorus meridianus

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