Sunday, 15 May 2016

Nightingales and other bits

An early start yesterday, saw me visit Higham Woods, Glocester were the reward was 5 singing Nightingales - typically none showing, even if I was within a couple of feet of one. Marsh Tit's also sen, but no sign of any Lesser peckers. - I did also find out my camera battery was flat - so no photo's from the day.
From Higham it was over to Woorgreens and Crabtree Hill in the Forest of Dean, looking for Adders. No sign of any adders. generally very quiet, several Tree Pipits a calling Cuckoo and a fly over group of Crossbills.

3 Goshawks were quickly found from New Fancy, with two Grizzled Skippers darting about round the car park. A visit to Nagshead saw my first Dragon/Damsel of the year - Large Red Damselfly, and, eventually, my first Pied Fly'.

A wander along the Wye, just North of Monmouth didn't produce and Dragons/Damsels of any species.

A visit to Singleton Park this morning saw me find a new bee - Flavous Nomad Bee Nomada flavus

And to finish with a wander round Crymlyn Burrows added Small Heath to my year list and a couple of hoverflies.

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  1. nice shot and sound like you had a good weeekend mate .