Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Gulls in aberdare Park

After finding  the Herring Gull in Porthcawl with Rings I have been checking gulls when ever i can for more and thought Aberdare Park would be a good local spot too check and was amazed by all the different ages if the Herring Gulls and Lesser Black Backed Gulls and had no lucky with rings and will go back once week and keep checking them out and take any new plumages. The first up all Lesser and  one is pretty easy and a full Adult in summer plumage and the second bird is a third year bird and maybe the third bird is a late second or early third .

 This could be second year bird.I was also told about a site on uk gulls on facebook and it,s called Gull Research Organisation  and it,s on gull, research , org and a real good site and cover all gull ages and plumages.
 Been told this is a third winter Herring gull

 Fouth year herring gull .
 Second year bird
 Great watching them feeding .


  1. Is the 14th and 15th okay for the late BBS visits, Martin?

  2. Yes sound good mark and had your wo today