Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Magor Marsh, Goldcliff and Lamby

After Martin Bevan had finished his survey with Mark on Sunday he came down to my house for his fill of coffee. After much deliberation over the coffee and biscuits we decided to go to Magor and look for Water Voles.

A minute or two after arriving there 2 Water Voles were in the bag so to speak. Another was found on the way out. Easy or what!! A walk around produced my first Reed Warbler of the year, lots of chicks of Coot, Little Grebes and Canada Geese. Orange Tip and Small White butterflies were everywhere. A Common Blue damselfly was seen but not photographed.

We then went over to Goldcliff and met Alex Bevan who told us a male Garganey was on the farthest pool and was probably visible from one of the other platforms. So down we trooped to the third platform where we found two male Garganey, a year tick for us both.

We then went to the Owl tree where the Little Owl was very cooperative sunning itself on the edge of an hole, thus completing Martin's set of owls for the year.

Last call was at Lamby Lake, Reed Warblers and Cetti's were calling everywhere and we had some fun photographing a surprisingly tame Cormorant and a Great Crested Grebe carrying chicks on her back.

This Little Grebe chick had great difficulty getting it's catch down it's throat. Eyes bigger than belly.

Flag Iris

Canada Geese goslings

Coot Chick


Great Crested Grebe with chick having a ride

Great Crested Grebe with chick having a ride


  1. Nice shots and my Tunnocks were pretty good to and 3 each .corrrrrrrrrr

  2. I must admit 3 Tunnocks were the icing on the cake.