Friday, 13 May 2016

Cwm Cadlan Reserve

After work today I thought I would go up Cwm Cadlan to have a look for Whinchat as it looked a good night for it but boy was I wrong. Half way up the reserve a big black cloud came over and it started raining and I got to a point where I thought should I go back or not. I thought I'll keep going I am not a fine weather birder. It paid off there was a female Redstart feeding in the middle of the field, there were still Wheatears in the low fields and as I stood under a tree waiting for the rain to stop I could hear Whinchat singing. I found two sitting on a fence and within minutes a Cuckoo started calling and they took off and started chasing the cuckoo, he flew straight towards me and was just about to land on the fence when he clocked me and flew down the fence line a bit and landed to be mobbled by two meadow pipits, do they have any peace. When the rain stopped the air was full of bird song, I could hear Reed Bunting, Tree Pipit and a cracking male Redstart. It seemed all worth it,  I have got to come up here more regular it's a great reserve also the butterwort is showing but no sign of any flower yet.

There was Swallows sitting on the fence and I think they were wondering why did they come to Wales for their holidays.
This is the Cuckoo honest and I know pretty bad shot.

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  1. Well done on the photos in normal Welsh weather !!!