Friday, 13 May 2016

Panama Pictures

Snowy Bellied Humingbird

Geoffrey's Tamarin

Bronze Winged Plumeleteer

Rufous Tailed Hummingbird

Red Legged Honeycreeper

This is what the female Fasciated Antshrike thought of me taking her photo

A young Mantled Howler Monkey

Orange Chinned Parakeet

Crimson Backed Tanager

Cannonball Tree

Variable Seedeater

Central American Whip-Tailed Lizard


  1. Great shots and like the Crimson Backed Tanager and i am pretty sure you went with someone else.

  2. Mike's in hiding. His car alarm went off about every half hour through the night. He thinks his neighbours want to do some damage to him. He thinks there was a moth in the car which kept setting the sensors off. He's on his own.

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