Tuesday, 23 June 2015

a new dragon

With an afternoon off work before heading to an athletics meet in Barry, I chose to head over to Hensol Forest in search of Downy Emerald dragonflies. On arrival I found lots of damselflies, mainly Azure and Large Red, but a couple of Common Blues and several Red-eyed.  I eventually managed to get a fix on some larger dragonflies, initially just Broad-bodied Chasers, but suddenly an Emerald appeared. It kept it's distance and was continually harassed by the Chasers, so no photo's.

Flushed with that success, I decided to try my luck with Butterfly Orchids at Cosmeston. Unfortunately I drew a blank on these, but there were scores of Pyramidal Orchids and 100's of Common Spotted Orchids.

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  1. i dont know if you so it but jake had over a hundred butterfly orchids at porthkerry country park Martin and yes great see in downy Emerald and me and mark went there years ago for them.