Sunday, 28 June 2015

A snail with hair?

After the devastation of loosing my orchid site at Navigation Park, it was back to exploring Tram Road side on the walk back from the station of Friday evening (Note - looks like 4 pair of Sand Martin are nesting in the wall at Abercynon station).

An Orange Tip butterfly was the first animal of note followed by a couple Great Pied Hoverflies Volucella pellucens. Next up was something I'd been keeping an eye out for for a while, a Hairy Snail! Why does a snail need hair?

A small clearing next to the road always seems to hold something of interest and Friday was no exception. Several Celypha lacunana (I think) moths , a Strawberry Leaf Beetle, several Volucella bombylans - most of the white tailed variety but at least one red tailed - and a couple of new bugs Neolygus viridus and Stenotus binotatus.

                                           Celypha lacunana
                                               Neolygus viridus
                                            Stenotus binotatus


  1. When i heard about your Orchids i felt what a waste of a brilliant flowerr and sad to think that people cutting these places have little or no idea of what they are cutting and you must have be very mad Martin and such a great find in the first place

  2. That Hairy Snail is brilliant, Martin.