Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bee Orchids

 I went for a walk this morning before work and went to a site I have been to hundreds of times over the years to look for Dragonflies but instead found a Bee Orchid. I was chuffed to bits and took lots of photos, marked where it was by and started to walk back to go to work and was amazed by the numbers of Bee orchids I found as I walked, in total I found 49. I was not trying that hard so there must be a lot more. The photo below are where they are growing on the left I also saw one dragonfly which was a Common Darter which was just starting to colour up.


  1. Cracking find Martin, appreciated the phone call, just have to find time to get up there

  2. yes phil and great sight to see and you could see the swan the same time mate and alway a pleasure to sharing with a great group of guys and chocolate or money in the post please .pmsl

  3. Could you let me know where this site is, Martin, so I can let Richard Wistow know.