Sunday, 7 June 2015

Marsh Fritillary Site

 A quick visit yesterday after  work for Marsh Fritillary paid off. With sun in and out they were sitting with their wings closed a fair bit, I saw about 10 in total. The first Frit to pop up was this Small Pearled Border,  also there were loads of common blues on the wing. Also I saw 2 Dingy Skippers there. Yesterday evening I nipped up to Abernant looking for Grasshopper Warbler but no joy but saw that the Broad Leaved Helleborine is starting to come up .


  1. The Grasshopper Warblers were in that dip just above the double bend with the clump of trees and the ruins. They started reeling at 05:20.

  2. thank you Mark i was not up far enough than whoops .

  3. I had about 10 Marsh Frit's there today, but no SPB's, but a couple of Small Heath.