Saturday, 20 June 2015

Rhaslas 'they'll never believe me'.

Apologies for non bird sighting but I had to post the above, otherwise you wouldn't believe me. If I can set the scene; I passed on all of my Rhaslas 2015 sightings for LP, together with location, number, behaviour, images etc to NRW. After a site visit they confirmed that LP are actually breeding at Rhaslas and in an attempt to cut down on disturbance they 'encouraged' MA to block off vehicle site access. Since then i.e. the last 2 weekends, c20 people have turned up, Friday - Sunday,  in at least 6 vehicles, tents, 4 ski jets and a variety of water craft plus several motor bikes. Before anyone asks, no they do not take their litter home with them. Oh hum!


  1. Mike, you have two number plates showing - pass them on to NRW, with a complaint from every birder in Glamorgan about Schd.1 disturbance. If NRW want it official, just pass them to me as CR.

  2. Cheers Jake, much appreciated, I'll cc you into all comm's Including emails to NRW officers and to Carl 'sustainability' Sergeant via Huw 'curtains' Lewis. See you