Wednesday, 24 June 2015


A cracking game at the Caerphilly ground this afternoon where the Miller Argent team were, to be honest, absolutely slaughtered. They appeared ill prepared, ill advised and intellectually ill equipped to deal with the fast free flowing game of the UVAG front three. The Councillors, sitting in judgement, voted unanimously to; ".... refer the application back to the officers for reason to refuse the application". This is just round 1, Miller Argent will return, they are expected to ditch the classical Welsh Nepotism method and attempt a Meritocratic approach, although it is rumoured that their long time adviser 'Keith Bungalow', worried about transparency issues, is pushing for the no holds barred North Korean 'every ones got their price' method. 

Meanwhile back at Rhaslas the view on the bank, expressed by a couple of dunlin and a schedule 1 bird, who wishes to remain anonymous, was; "... if I had a BT pension I'd want my money out of Argent now !!!". For cracking replays of the first goal, type in UVAG and go to replay of the striker on loan from FOE, its a **&%$~* cracker.

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