Saturday, 13 June 2015

A Spot of Moth trapping

 After hearing the boys where trapping at Quakers Yard I thought I would have a go and hoped for more Hawkmoths but sadly no joy. But did have some nice moths and some new for the year.
 First up was this cracking  White Ermine Moth and a real pleasure to see again.
 Second was this Thisle Ermine
  Third up was this Hebrew Charter                   .

 The fifth Moth was a very sad looking Pale Tussock  with some of his wings missing.
 Sixth was this Brimstone and could not get a better shot of it as it flew off and seventh was this very                                   .  
 dark moth which I have no idea. Last of all was not in the trap but over the field and there were dozens of them Silver Ground Carpet


  1. The really dark thing looks to be a Turnip Moth and your 'Hebrew Character' is actually Setaceous Hebrew Character. We only had one hawk and at home, I had none, though I had five Bee Moths and two Diamond Backs.

  2. i had a bee moth to and more pugs which i had no ideas on

  3. cheers mark for the information and i see they are going to run a moth trap in dare valley for butterfly conservation and run by ben

  4. it say between july to september but no date mark