Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Bee Orchids

Taking Mark's advice, I emailed the RCT County Ecologist regarding the Bee Orchids at Navigation Park on Monday. This morning's walk to the station came to a rude halt, someone had mown the site yesterday. By the time I got home this evening, whoever it was had been back in and cut down the scrub.

Just as well, Martin has found some more up the Cynon Valley and the new colony at Parc Taf Bargoed. Phil has also informed his friend Gareth had found another site for them in the Cynon Valley.


  1. This is what I feared. When anyone finds a site like this, please let the relevant county ecologist know, so that they can try and come to some agreement with the owners, over the management of the site.

  2. This happens all too often. Society is obsessed with tidiness and in particular grass cutting and tree felling. I don't understand why those cutting grass are unable to identify key indicator species such as bee orchid and make an effort to avoid them!

  3. For the same reason roofers never find bats while they are stripping off old roofs.