Sunday, 28 June 2015

Couple Moths from last week

Here are a couple of moths from my garden and my area last week. Phil said we are not having a enough moths on here so these are just for Mr Hill. First one I think could be Pale Pinion and next is Small Magpie.

It's always nice to see this strange day flying moth over the fields at Robertstown and sometimes in big numbers Five Spot Burnet .
 My first Large Yellow underwing of the year and I bet it will not be my last .
A cracking moth and a favorite of mine the Buff Arches, after traping at Peace Park with Mark and seeing them for the first time this year I went home and found two in my trap so felt pretty good.
 This small moth was not what it seemed and id by Mark as a caddis fly.
 And last two, first one is Marble Coronet and last one I have been told is Meal moth and a smart moth .


  1. The 'Pale Prominent' is actually Pale Pinion. The 'Six-spot Burnet' is Five-spot Burnet aggregate (see my post). The Coronet is the normal form of The Coronet and your mystery micro is Meal Moth, as pyralid which is a pest of stored food stuff.

  2. Cheers Mark and just so it after posting

  3. Guys, I think you'll find that the top moth is a Light Arches.