Monday, 29 June 2015

Nice Quiet Sunday Off

Yes that will be the day. I was waiting for the rain to stop and at 11 clock I had had enough and took the dog over to Robertstown, it was drizzling but warm and wet and there was lots going on. I had about a dozen 5 Spot Burnets, still lots of Cinnabar moths out as well and there were plenty of butterflies flying around. I had my first Ringlet of the year, then two more and my second Meadow Brown of the year. Also saw Common Blue, Small Heath and Large Skipper. In the afternoon I went up to Bryn Du to look for the Pyramidal Orchids and found they were just starting to come out. I found 43 orchids in total. When there I found this green beetle in side one of the Orchids and yet to id it .

I also found a new shieldbug for me a Blue Shieldbug and a nice find for me.
Also on the wing were Red Necked Footman I saw about 6 altogether but it was windy there must have been more but the wind was keeping them down. Last of all I saw Mark's Picture Winged flies, I saw three, also saw 1 Creeping Thistle with the virus by the old Small Blue Site .


  1. I think the beetle is a Plateumaris species, possibly P. sericea

  2. Cheers Martin it looks spot on mate.