Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Rhaslas Dunlin

I took the above image this morning in the mist; at least 1 bird is present most days through May and June, occasionally 2, feeding around the shore line. The species have been present since April, mostly passage birds but it has been noted that 2 birds appeared to have kept aloof; chasing single dunlin away from chosen feeding areas and occasionally feeding with ringed plover along the haul road rather than with their own species (passage birds) around the pond. I spoke to Geri about the possibility of a pair breeding close to the pond, he was non committal, but told me of a sighting many moons ago of a dunlin in a scrape on the lapwing breeding site. Any information or opinions would be appreciated ?

I've been checking out my battery driven 25W Actinic so left it out in the yard the other night, not much in the morning except the swift, they always make me jump but alas as usual it was just a common but nice all the same.


  1. My first thought was you are alive!!!

  2. Interesting. more likely a couple of young non-breeding birds, but if they find this summer to their liking............ except. the pond is unlikely to be there next year...

  3. You are quite correct Martin the pond will not be there next year, the political wing of the free masons has refused to call the application in. Well done to all those professional ecologists out there who twist, adjust, omit and negate scientific evidence so their clients get planning approval. You all may have many more ticks than me but I haven't just seen the species I've felt them. Hope to meet you all in a bar room brawl soon !