Sunday, 28 June 2015

Saturday Afternoon

I meet Mark at the Wintergreen Site near Robertstown and confirmed that it was Common Wintergreen and not Round Leaved Wintergreen which I thought initially. When there we found a Beautiful Carpet  moth and a nice Sallow Kitten Caterpillar which was very well camouflaged and blended in really well to the leaf.

 Later I went to Marks to see a small Elephant Hawkmoth .Which he had caught the evening before. Great to see, my first for the year.

Later again I went looking for Mark's Stink Horn by the tunnel in Cwmbach and because of his excellent directions  I found it no problem. When walking back I found 9 Broad Leaved Helleborines growing along the old line near the Werfa. I also found a plucking post  of a bird of prey and it looks like a Feral Pigeon had been plucked. Which bird did it, could be SparrowHawk or Goshawk.


  1. Glad you found the Stink-horn and saw the Helleborines. I forgot to mention the latter.

  2. that Sallow Kitten is pretty cool

  3. Yes after phone call went and found the stump with Sulphur Tufted and kathryn stay by the stump and i walked above the wall and till i could see her and bingo found it staight away and only when i knee down i could smell it .

  4. Believe it or not, when I entered the record for that on MapMate, it was only the second for Glamorgan, which only goes to prove the need for getting the records in for these sorts of things.