Monday, 1 June 2015

Quick Trip Sunday To Magor Marsh

Sunday started off wet and windy so Phil and myself had a late start and went to Magor Marsh looking for Water Voles.
This seemed to be a great reserve and I will have to go back when the sun is shining and it is not so windy.
We found this Blood Vein Moth and was great to see as I had not seen one for many years and also saw signs for Thick Legged Flower  Beetle which we found a couple of later on at Uskmouth .
 We also found several Cardinal Beetles at Magor Marsh these added a bit of colour to the day .
Back at Uskmouth we found a couple of Early Purple Marsh Orchids. We were watching a Little Grebe with small chicks in a reen when I spotted this Moorhen nest so we got away a bit quick not to cause harm to the eggs .

 Also present was this Canada Goose and goslings .
We tried hard  to find Variable Damselfly but had no luck, lots of Azure Damselflies and Blue Tailed Damselflies though. Back to the Water Vole we saw one vole from the hide but it was just too fast and distant for any shots. There were signs of water Voles everywhere so looks great for a second visit. Also got a great view of two Foxes cubs running down the path in front of us.


  1. Glad you got your Blood Vein, Martin.

  2. Hi mark are you running the moth trap down peace park for the wildlife trust in june .

    1. Whoops july 8 and wednesday so maybe not you .

  3. Definitely not me, probably Carys and Graham though no doubt I will run it there some weekend in June or July. I might pop in for a look-see on the 8th, as these sorts of events never end late.