Sunday, 28 June 2015

Good Tshirt

I thought  this would make a cool TShirt .


  1. It would never fit you, Mart and it would itch like hell.

    1. Cheers Mark and would have a bloody good go getting it on mate.

  2. This site is producing some very interesting records, but are they being shared with the Local Records Centre? Try submitting via SEWBRECORD.

  3. Mark and Mike all sync with SEWBReCORD, I think Bevan does as well. I log mine on irecord, except birds (Though it looks like irecord and SEWBReC don't talk to each other or share records - v strange). My bird sightings are all logged on Birdtrack, so are available to Glam Bird Club

  4. All my records are synced with SEWBReC, via MapMate, each time I sync with Dave Slade, who is my MapMate hub. I remember Dave mentioning something about a problem in getting a data sharing agreement with irecord, though I can't remember the details. Mike Hogan also uses MapMate to enter all his records and although he syncs with a different hub, that hub in turn syncs with Dave Slade, so they get there eventually.